Picking the best commercial mortgages for you

Commercial Mortgages

Funding the purchase or refinance of a business premises.  Commercial mortgages covering a range of industries, and property types. A bespoke product with applications assessed on individual merits.

  • Offices (with/without flats above)

  • Industrial units/parks, shopping centres, warehouses or factories

  • Shops and retail units (with/without flats above)

  • Hotels, guest houses and B&B’s, restaurants and pubs

  • Care homes, nursing homes and hospices

  • Farms and farm buildings

Property Development Finance

Funds to assist with the refurbishment, conversion, or new build, of properties.

  • Potentially up to 100% of overall project costs.

  • With or without planning permission

  • Experienced developers, and also those undertaking their first project.

  • Residential and commercial development

  • From a small refurbishment to a multi unit development

  • Funds released in stages throughout the development

  • Interest only repayments can be included in the loan

Bridging Finance

A short term funding solution used to ‘bridge’ the gap between you needing funds for a project, and securing a longer term finance package, or realising your own funds.

  • Funding completed within days

  • To raise funds on your new, or existing property, or both

  • Your property sale has fallen through, or is delayed, and you want to go ahead and purchase another property

  • You need to raise funds quickly to purchase at auction

  • To raise short term funds for business purposes

  • To fund a property development purchase, cost of initial works, or cost of full works

  • Up to 100% available with additional security

  • Secured on residential property, commercial property, or land.

  • Interest only repayments can be included in the loan

“…this bridging finance allowed me to purchase a property before my other property had sold, and gave me time to get organised.”

Happy Client

Business Loans

Designed to facilitate business expansion, partnership / management buyouts, fund extraordinary items, purposes for which applications cannot be financed through commercial mortgages.

  • Finance to purchase a business

  • Loans to grow your business

  • Specialist business finance

  • Tailored business loans for any situation

  • Assisting expansion and growth of businesses

Asset Finance


This type of finance allows you to purchase, or refinance, or release cash, from your business assets including equipment, machinery and vehicles.  We cover a range of industries including; aviation, agriculture, 3d printing, construction, engineering, fairground, manufacturing marine, plastics, transport, vehicle rentals, waste and recycling.

  • Ensuring you are properly equipped with the assets you need for growth.

  • Tailor-made finance solutions that are an affordable way to spread the cost of assets your business needs.

  • Experienced industry specialists to assist you.

Invoice Factoring/


Invoice factoring, or invoice discounting, can assist your business by releasing funds you are waiting to be paid from customers.  This provides an invaluable source of working capital.

  • Invoice factoring allows you to immediately receive up to 90% of the value of the invoice, on the day that you issue the invoice, with the balance paid to you when the invoice is paid.

  • The factoring company will control your sales ledger and collect debts.

  • Factoring provides a dedicated credit control service which allows you to focus your time and energy on your business.

  • Invoice discounting allows you to receive a proportion of the invoice value you have issued.

  • Invoice discounting allows you to maintain control of your own sales ledger.

  • Invoice factoring, or discounting, are NOT loans, so you are not taking on any debt, this keeps your cashflow healthy.

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